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I remember the first time I went on YouTube.. It was like a new world opened up to me.

2006.. 2007.. 2008.

June 15th, 2008. That was a special day.. Right John, McKenna, Kayla, Dan, Miguel, and Danny?
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I don't bite.
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YukaChan (6 years ago)
Guessing by that I got it wrong. XD
YukaChan (6 years ago)
In order to drift, you turn on some sick eurobeats and then you downshift, and accelerate. The back end comes out from the turn and you release the steering wheel to go back, then as soon as its back you turn the wheel so that the tires realign with the road. Probably more too it though
YukaChan (6 years ago)
Oh.. must have got confused.. is the other one automatic then? I know we don't have a standard/manual.
Stick shift is how to control the setting of the car in standard and you use it for drifting, yes?
YukaChan (6 years ago)
Standard is with the stick shift and manual is without...
YukaChan (6 years ago)
Probably so, I also have the tendency to get caught up in perfecting details before I move on rather than working on the project as a whole and going through it until I've perfected the whole thing. so I usually will end up mastering the first part of something and still have no clue what the second is.
YukaChan (6 years ago)
It takes me usually twice or sometimes three times as long as an average person to get the hang of something though, especially mastering - but heck, I'm gonna give it my best.
Yeah thats true though... I'd have to buy my own car for that.. :/
YukaChan (6 years ago)
50? Ha. I wish it were that easy. Probably going to take 1000 to 3000 tries to get a perfect drift. XD
But I hope I get to give it my best. Just watching them gives me that on top of the world feeling... I can't even imagine driving it...
I'm assuming you've done it before, right?
YukaChan (6 years ago)
Lets see. I know pretty much all the basics on how to drive in a parking lot, turning, braking, using blinkers, parking, etc. Do I have any real knowledge of racing? Nope. XD Would I like to learn? Definitely! I mean, no one goes from 0 to 60 in only two tries though. I would have to get a Japanese license if I wanted to drive in Japan though, or an international one. Not really sure of the logistics, but its really just a dream of mine, to do a perfect drift, just at least once!
YukaChan (6 years ago)
Honestly, before then, I didn't know anything about car models, designs, or anything like that, so yes, all my love and knowledge of cars originated from it. Did you know theres a shop at the base of Mount Haruna in Japan (which is the one Mount Akina of ID is based on) that sells Initial D and car themed food, and then you can rent one of the cars to drive on the mountain pass. Theres also a museum nearby the has tons of old car models on display, and even a replica of the tofu shop storefront
YukaChan (6 years ago)
It is XD
Unfortunately I live there just a little too much
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