Education in the generation of atomic power
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Jun 11, 2017
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Molten-salt reactors, integral fast reactors, fuel, news. Everything about nuclear power is here.
United States
Playing with Neutrons
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thethoriumcultist (2 years ago) Now that's odd, this laptop shouldn't have internet access either. Office Depot worker, what's going on?!
thethoriumcultist (2 years ago) I'm changing my password the instant I get home.
thethoriumcultist (2 years ago) So I guess I've been tagged. Unfortunately, I've got no time right now.
thethoriumcultist (2 years ago) No video sharing community can recapture the old YouTube. You can try but out of VidLii's 1150 channels, approximately forty of them produce content even remotely close in theme and tone to something from 2010, let alone 2007. For the overwhelming majority of the time it's just late 2010s memes. 2008 is long gone, society wise. We'd have to have the entirety of society go back to 2008. I wouldn't be against that but it won't happen. It doesn't help the immersion to post new memes here.
Fuck (2 years ago) I fucking know that.
thethoriumcultist (2 years ago) Ach, it's late now. I really should sleep, it's three hours way too late for me.
thethoriumcultist (2 years ago) Oh thank fuuuck. I really did not want to redo this. I was going to anyway, but it would have been terrible anyway. Anyway, I'm on Windows now. W2K is going to be D-booted with Vista but for now it's just 2K. I still have Tpup but the bootloader doesn't recognise it. I'll have to fix that.
Fuck (2 years ago) Fuck yeah!
11ryanc (2 years ago) Splendid
thethoriumcultist (2 years ago) Milton Shaw is possibly the only bipartisanly hated figure in the nuclear community. Both the IFR people and the MSBR people and the AGR people and the people who like any combination of those are mad with him. We need more people like that. Clinton next? Seriously though, less infighting would be cool. I'm totally fine with both IFR and MSBR. Either one would be politically and technologically superior to the LWR and HWR. Let WeH finish the plants they want to, then GE/ThCon do Gen IV in 2020s.
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