5 Reasons Why New Consoles Suck

Feb 14, 2018
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In this video i talk about my thoughts on new gaming consoles like the ps4 or the xbox1
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BeigeBoy (4 years ago)
no idea who BLACKbusterCritic
but yeah ur right
maybe im stuck in the pass a bit
just want what im paying for
it kinda sucks with steam
i love going out and buying a game, love owning disc to add to my collection
its dying off now with everything being online
i love the gaming industry but i feel like they dont really care about the people who buy there games
Nintendo really dont care
thanks for leaving a comment
was kool reading your thoughts on the subject :)
DocL (4 years ago)
honestly i enjoy newer consoles like the PS4 for a couple of reasons:
-Great Exclusives
-Beautiful Graphics
-Higher FPS than consoles like PS2
-More multiplayer and online (i find it enjoyable) than older consoles
-more reliable to PC gaming (at least in my experience)

i enjoy Playstation, but PC isn't bad either. I have older consoles like a sega genesis and from time to time i play that but personally i find newer games more fun.
BeigeBoy (4 years ago)
i love having a ps4 and a xbox1,
i prefer pc to new consoles tho
just for the games and the prices
if im going for high fps im gonna go for pc everytime
most console games tend to be stuck at a 30fps lock anyway
newer games are going to the 60fps stage and thats great
solid 30fps is great on console games, gotta be 60fps for online play tho,
i love my ps2, but ur right i do see the diffrence in the fps drop going from ps4 to ps2, even going from ps4 to xbox360 i found it hard to play games, i went back on saints row 3 and the fps was so bad, sucks cause that game was fun,
thanks for leaving a comment :)
DocL (4 years ago)
no problem
edray1416 (4 years ago)
I agree with this video (which is why BLACKbusterCritic talked about this subject for years). Today, if you want a quality game, you have to have a PC and a Steam account or somewhere else. Otherwise you can go back to the days when controllers had the cord and it work a hell of a lot better than wireless controllers. Sometimes even when you have fudge brownies (according PissedOffAngryGamer), the controller is not good. The only games that people want are home brewed games for the Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, or any other console that uses cartridges. With console gaming today, you don't own the games. You have to conform to guidelines or get bricked. With PC on the other hand, you own the game and you aren't required to update services on PC. Just play and enjoy. BLACKbusterCritic's points still stand after 6 years.
shrek420 (4 years ago)
is this a comment or the entire bee movie scrpit
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