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AgizxTeen (2 days ago)
Thank you for The site! If Vyond sees this link, he will patch it! I Never going to share this Link again! It's like Personal Info
AgizxTeen (2 days ago)
AnimasterYT (2 days ago)
hey agizx, i got the legacy video maker back on GoAnimate Remastered Website, i will send you on discord, also, do not send the link on YouTube and YouTube Alternative Websites, because Vyond will patch the site to get website shut down, because all users is going to report the website to Vyond to get this site shut down.
AnimasterYT (3 weeks ago)
GoAnimate Wrapper got shut down.
AgizxTeen (1 month ago)
We could Get My Old August 2019 Channel Layout Back?!
EthanF44 (1 month ago)
damn imagine if
zXZSome (1 month ago)
@ghazytuber5071 @AnimasterYT NetherFalcon Sucks. everyone agreed?
Emsldejo (1 month ago)
@NetherFalcon I'M YOUR IMPOSTER!!!!!!!!
ghazytuber5071 (1 month ago)
NetherFalcon Blocked me
AgizxTeen (1 month ago)
@NetherFalcon SHUT UP GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!! >:(
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AgizxTeen commented on a video (2 days ago)
I Got The Legacy Video Maker Back o...
Your GoAnimate legacy video maker and Character creator got Patched, Hope you Fix it. :'(
AgizxTeen commented on a video (2 days ago)
Meet Powerpuff Girls in GoAnimate R...
This show is getting Cancelled this Year, it looked like we are going to cry!! :'(
AgizxTeen commented on a video (3 days ago)
My MetaJolt Account
I'll go and make My own MetaJolt account when I Get to School first!
AgizxTeen became friends with VTPSucks (4 days ago)
AgizxTeen commented on a video (5 days ago)
Violy gets grounded by ludoviko guy...
Hah!! Violy deserves to Be Grounded!!!!!!! >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D
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