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TheVideoGamer64 (5 months ago) Awesome. Also, I hope you have a nice New Year! :)
DWYT (5 months ago) @TheVideoGamer64 12 months later, that was a fun game honestly.
there was so much to do, the graphics and engine were fun to mess around with, and I genuinely had a fun time playing it.
littleDEEJAY (11 months ago) Wut b up internet person? hehe, I know how to talk like a cool person!
JayCommitsMassMurder (1 year ago) Hey!, How's it going?
TheVideoGamer64 (1 year ago) Hey dude can I make a request of a game to share your thoughts on? If so, can you share your opinion on Marvel's Spider-Man game that will be PS4 exclusive?
MarioLucarioFan64 (1 year ago) Did you notice you got 100+ subs now? Congratulations with achieving that amount! :D Another digit added to your channel! :P
DWYT (1 year ago) @Suedey Thanks! I'm biased because I got hit hard with the demonitization adpocalypse on YouTube over the summer. I lost my faith in the YouTube system last year when everyone was looking up all those "drama" channels.
Suedey (1 year ago) Nice content dude, don't think I'm trying to bash this site - I'm not.
Just saying that you shouldn't see this as you sticking this to the man (i.e. YouTube), VidLii is genuinely a great site in its own respect.
Emrldy (1 year ago) I love oldschool Minecraft, before the kiddies came like a storm and destroyed it, before it got commercialized to no return :)
MadPikachuPlays64 (1 year ago) i don't get the people who say minecraft is dying,it's still up,how is it dying?,it's not,so minecraft is still alive
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