Modding Video Games In Villainous Ways
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Taking some of your favorite games...and ruining them with mods! Gwa ha ha ha!!!!

All mods in these videos are home-grown! That means that I made them need for those other mods that are probably laced with artificial preservatives!

Current Target: Paper Mario (N64)
Occupation: Koopa King
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Gwa ha ha ha!
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Offsetting the Balance in Pokémon ...
@termer Yup! I actually saw them in concert last month.
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Offsetting the Balance in Pokémon ...
@IoIxD I haven't put it online yet. I might publish it when I finish the mod...
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You should probably make a quick video announcing that you have this channel, since not a lot of people know about it, ot seems.
fq84352ywmgivsxy7yx1 (1 year ago)
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Would you look at that? I've got some badges already, and I haven't even put anything here yet!
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