Joshua Montague
JoshtheJosher Joined: Jun 14, 2018 Subscribers: 180 Video Views: 8,433 Channel Views: 1,653
Age: 28
I'm here to connect with and entertain people. I look forward to what happens on this site! 😊
I also speak my mind about certain topics like depression, suicide, and maybe even political matters.
Occupation: Actor, voice actor, entertainer, vlogger
Schools: ITT Technical Institute
Interests: Acting, karaoke, trivia, computing, video editing, listening to music
Movies: Rocky, Forrest Gump, One Hour Photo, Casino, Scarface, Home Improvement (TV series), Jumanji
Music: Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Kenny Loggins, Aerosmith, Billy Idol, AC/DC, Nickelback, Genesis, Phil Collins, Rob Zombie, Ozzy
Books: Rock & Roll encyclopedias
Connect with Me! 😊
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Ghostbusters (2020) teaser REACTION...
@Aaronshy As for my reason why I don't think that version of Ghostbusters was good? was just a bad idea to have women as the Busters. Not...
JoshtheJosher commented on a video (4 hours ago)
Ghostbusters (2020) teaser REACTION...
@Aaronshy Yeah, that part really gets on my nerves. I hate when people get called names for not liking a movie. 😤 If I don't like a movie, it's bec...
JoshtheJosher commented on a video (10 hours ago)
PewDiePie 🆚 T-Series (UPDATE)
@ThePhantron VidLii could grow even when he's here, can't it?
JoshtheJosher commented on a video (10 hours ago)
Just a Robot - Double4Anime and Fil...
@Aaronshy I like his joke, "What do you call a white girl who runs faster than he brothers? A redneck virgin!" 😂
JoshtheJosher Entertaining you guys is not always easy. It's sometimes hard to think of something good to keep you guys with me. 😣 To all my active subs, I appreciate you commenting on my videos/posts and I can converse with you; I love that more than ANYTHING! Sometimes, I wish I could talk with you in real life; maybe Hangouts or something? Or maybe my Discord! It can just be hard to think of things that are really entertaining for you. I hope you understand and I appreciate you sticking around. You rock (1 day ago)
Channel Comments (65)
TMossBoss (1 day ago)
Sorry for the misunderstanding Josh, I just want to let you know that I do care and feel horribly bad for what happened to that girl. I never meant to make it seem like I never cared about it, I do. and I'm sorry. We might as well be civil for now and put the past behind us. alright?
TMossBoss (1 day ago)
I still love your videos no matter what, I'm a big fan.

Can we just be civil ? I know you lost respect for me and I understand that but like, if you wanna be civil let us be civil, okay?
TMossBoss (1 day ago)
Josh, i'm a big fan of your acting. Especially the video where you thought I brushed that suicidal girl off when i clearly did NOT brush her off!

I actually care about things like that. You were just autistic whilst making that video. I know I suck and I'm childish but damn, I do care about depression and suicide. Don't act like I don't because I DO care. and I'm really really sorry.
CoreMaster2009 (6 days ago)
This dude feels like to most genuine authentic account on vidlii because he doesnt just make memes.
like me
NotToxie24 (2 weeks ago)
my bruh
Newkidonthepage (2 weeks ago)
You're the first channel I have seen
edray1614 (3 weeks ago)
I feel sorry for what you're going through. Hope your mother gets better!
dough (3 weeks ago)
i subbed :)
quickscope17 (4 weeks ago)
Man, I'm sorry about your Mom! :(
EricOnVidLii (1 month ago)
Excellent content, Josh! :D
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