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benqud (2 months ago) nice.
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Hello! Welcome to my channel, my name is Jordyn Yamari but i go by JordynBrokolli around here (JB For short), im a variety streamer on twitch with a focus on obscure unknown games and indie games, here on VidLii (and YouTube) you'll see highly edited videos inspired by Vargskelethor Joel, Criken and VGDunkey.

My content varies wildly from the usual stream shenanigans to some of my more experimental weirder stuff (which most are shitposts), the reason why i take time to upload is because most videos take alot of time to edit + i have a 9 to 5 job and school, so its kinda hard for me to focus on dropping as much content as i wished to. but hopefully im able to deliver some of the stuff i've been working.

i've been trying to branch out lately to other forms of content such as asseys, music related content, animations skits and etc, im hopeful 2022 will be a bright for my projects.

anyways, thanks for the support over here on vidlii, new content coming as soon as i fix my computer - JB
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