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Hey guys I know I saw vidlii so I made my first vidlii account
But apparently you guys don't have vidlii account so I guess you can't follow me on vidlii as well bu you can still follow me on YouTube ya know subscribe me
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My Reaction When I'm reading commen...
I use multiple-websites Videos and Writing. Time to time the comments were mean and hateful, judging my voice, I'm Paranoid, other comments and catego...
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LittleEinsteinsLostEpisode.avi End ...
Request; XDuckxLostEpisode.avi (The Death of Slax.avi) End Credits (My Version) Logos Used: Cinar Logo Horror Remake France 3 Cookie Jar logo Horror R...
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This Sparta Remix is Yet Intense...
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t800 (4 months ago)
I like your username! Happy new year
IWBTGKidJV (5 months ago)
Hello, it's me JV
HopNodNow (1 year ago)
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