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CottonCandy (1 month ago)
I don't blame you, it was very satisfying. Anyway, I think I'll wait until he mentions us again (which will probably happen when he's frustrated with something that has nothing to do with us). While I won't take shit from him, I'm not seeking him out either.
AaronP (1 month ago)
@CottonCandy: His best course of action is to swallow his pride and acknowledge his shortcomings. The internet isn't too forgiving to begin with.
CottonCandy (1 month ago)
He never has anything to say to real logic, but I know he'll keep mentioning us without refuting our arguments.
CottonCandy (1 month ago)
Oh there's no doubt about that!
Kaykat (1 month ago)
Mookie expects everyone to forget or ignore his mistakes but won't do the same and continues his behavior. That's not how it works.
CottonCandy (1 month ago)
@AaronP It's part of his narcissistic personality, and why so many people on the internet don't respect him.
CottonCandy (1 month ago)
I know, it's so pathetic! We definitely don't want to give in to such hypocrisy, we should just let everyone see how petty he is.
AaronP (1 month ago)
@UnblockableSamurai: I don't wish for Mookie's mistakes to hold him down forever but it's a tradeoff. How can he expect a free pardon for his mistakes if he can't let go of your mistakes?
UnblockableSamurai (1 month ago)

Every time Slayer catches and tells me about Charles bringing me up, it gives me every right to bring up what he did to Jeffrey. I did my part in trying to end this drama. I deleted the server and the accounts that were mine, and asked Slayer to delete the accounts that were his.

I know @AaronP and @Kaykat will agree with what I'm saying, because they aren't biased and value real logic.
CottonCandy (1 month ago)
Damn, Charles is stuck in the past! We left him alone, but he wants to stay butthurt at us instead of owning up to what he did (doxxing Michael, Jeffrey, and Ronald). It's part if his nature, isn't it?
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