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Age: 18
This is where I do edited videos.

In case my edited videos on VidLii have bad sound quality, here is a link to the high quality videos:!UhthGALY!lrBQR7Qiq8QGm0C0q_xIMQ
Interests: AMVs, Crapposting, Edits
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LittlePaul favorited a video (5 months ago)
Spongebob Squarepants: Just One Dic...
My first SpongeBob SquarePants Edited.
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Miss Spider: Ground House Rules (ED...
I hope Treehouse don't take down my video. I have another channel on YouTube anyways.
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A Bad Graveyard Shift Edit I Found
I watched it when I was 10. I laughed my butt off.
LittlePaul favorited a video (5 months ago)
A Bad Graveyard Shift Edit I Found
Originally by a YT user by the name of John H, this edit may be bad but it has its moments
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