Lady Noire
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I'm Lastation's CPU, Noire, also known as Black Heart.

What? Why are you staring at me? I see. My perfect figure has rendered you speechless, has it not? How do you like that? My perfectly shaped and firm breasts, my constricted waist. Are you jealous?
Occupation: Console Patron Unit of Lastation - ノワール / ブラックハート
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Channel Comments (14)
sturmtrophy189 (1 month ago)
TheVideoGamer64 (1 year ago)
Hey How are you?
Slutgear (1 year ago)
Noire, you and I both know that I've seen your pussy. You definitely have one, I've watched you pop a squat and piss behind a bush that one time you were out farming.
MomijiInubashiri (2 years ago)
So many Neptunia themed channels this is fucked
TheVideoGamer64 (4 years ago)
Cool channel. How are you?
DelSymbols (4 years ago)
Thanks! ^-^
Anonydeath (4 years ago)
♥♥♥ NOIRE!!! LET ME LOVE YOU~! ♥♥♥
Iffy (4 years ago)
Lady Noire, huh?
PurpleSister (4 years ago)
Hi Noire~!
UniBlackSister (4 years ago)
Thanks for the add.... wait... are you my sister's alt orrrrr
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