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Mar 14, 2023
Anyone remember ShutUpAnti4KidsPeeps from YT 08-10? Well I'm like him, but I'm going after RINOs.

Rinos I owned
(List coming soon).
United Kingdom
RINO Hunter
Owning RINOs
How to Defeat the Rinos
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Yoshimasa kills Mookie and ShartHor...
@DOGangDarkHorse Maybe the reason why he's not on those award shows is because he's a criminal rapist. And BTW, nobody watches those things anymore.
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PlumbingCapitalist (2 days ago) Maybe you're living under the rock because operation warp speed was the reason we have that damn covid vaccine! If you're bitching about gas prices, maybe if you were a capitalist, you wouldn't care that much! I hate Biden for doing that fucking shit, but you think Trump is some great guy, when he wasn't! He got nothing done he said he would! Ghost isn't a brony, and he doesn't have the DHS on him! But I bet you were on Epstein's flight log because you're a 52 year old man that likes anime!
GunRangeCapitalist (1 week ago) NPC CRAPITALIST?! How fucking dare you call me that! I can tell you're a fucking socialist piece of shit for bashing capitalism like that there, boi! Ghost didn't sell out to the deep state, he realizes Trump fucked up with the vaccine! Looks like Tim Scott dropped out, boi! So what the fuck you gonna do now? Why don't you jerk off to anime cuz that's all you got, you anime watching incel! And fuck you, I don't support gun control, I'm a proud gun owner and I work at a gun range!
CosmeticsCapitalist (2 weeks ago) Big fucking deal, you trolls mocked rock ape's death, an inner circle member that died of cancer! While Stan Lee helped cause the manchild epidemic! I know for a fact you wouldn't mock Ghost's granny to his face, because I'm sure he'd leave you in a puddle of your own blood and piss, boi! I wouldn't trust you alone with my dog, or dogs, because anime fans are fucking goddamn sick! Even if Ghost is a neocon, so what?! I'm hoping a world war happens so you anime watching freaks get drafted!
Jubei (2 weeks ago) Cool
MusicGirlYuzu (1 month ago) lol! It's Mario
PlumbingCapitalist (1 month ago) That's your fucking problem! Maybe if you were a capitalist, you wouldn't care about paying more for fucking gas! I have no sympathy for the poor in America! People in other countries live off of 2 dollars per day, and we got spoiled brats like you! Ghost saw Trump for the democrat fraud he is for making that stupid vaccine and shutting down the country! And how dare you call me a RINO, you're the RINO, and so are the other MAGA assholes!
GunRangeCapitalist (1 month ago) CAPITALIST NPCS?! You better take that back you socialist piece of fucking shit! How are we white supremacists because we think Tim Scott shouldn't be President? He made a fucking bill that Trump signed that's responsible for the fucking crime wave! You want that in the white house?! We'd only vote Joe Biden out of spite if Trump became the nominee! GHOST IS NOT HANDICAPPED OR A BRONY! YOU'RE GONNA BE HANDICAPPED IF YOU SPOUTED THAT SHIT AT ME THOUGH, BOI!
CosmeticsCapitalist (1 month ago) Yeah, your joke was so funny, I forgot to laugh! Bet you're a sick fuck that would make fun of Ghost's granny and call it a joke!
HipHopCapitalist (1 month ago) Nigga, anyone that voted fo Obama is a fuckin democrat! You kiddin me? You like eskimo bimbo Sarah Palin, nigga? You a stupid bitch nigga! You betta vote for Christie then, he the only adult in the room! But I ain't votin Trump cuz he peddles the fuckin vaccine!
GamblingCapitalist (1 month ago) What the fuck makes you think Trump will make the damn gas prices go down, boi?! Thomas and Alito are getting old, but if Trump was in power, no doubt he'd nominate 2 stupid vaccine peddling pieces of shit!
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