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Morgan W.C. Von Thaden
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Jul 30, 2017
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1 year ago
Short Desc:Used to be(8+ years ago), not a ROBLOX kiddie anymore.

I upload gameplay and random videos in between my gameplay videos. I have to have someone else talking otherwise I get quiet, and in the Factorio series, you will notice that I struggle without anyone to keep talking.

Gameplay uploaded every monday. (Currently not true)

I'll be blunt, I am NOT a good friend at all. In fact, I'm probably the worst friend in the world. Atleast I try to help people, but there's a reason why I'm the worst friend ever.
I'm either too kind or too mean.

I will try to reply to every comment possible.
United States
Self employed gamer and game designer
Visions In Education
Gaming, programming, watching videos, forcing Youtube out of business, one person at a time.
Indiana Jones(series)
Daft Punk, random game music
Anything that is remotely fantasy
People I know
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ROBLOXVIP735 I'm going to preserve this channel for historical reasons, but I might finally finish the Partnership Training Video. I'm happy about kuz's management. (1 year ago)
ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (3 years ago)
ROBLOX Funny Moments! #5 (feat. Yos...
Pretty good video, thanks for posting this in the Discord! Do you have an MSN?
ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (3 years ago)
I'M A GOOD SAMARITAN | Pokemon Reju...
@cywizer While I agree the more extreme furries should burn in hell, Pokemon itself doesn't just immediately constitute "YOU'RE A FURRY". Especially s...
ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (3 years ago)
Entrance Of The Gladiators (Smash 6...
Probably could've chosen a different instrument set, but otherwise this was pretty good.
ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (3 years ago)
Reuploading content that isn't your...
@minemaster At the time of this video, I was 15. I was severely concerned of the state of Vidlii at the time, especially since someone else had tackle...
Channel Comments (99)
tonto (4 years ago) welkom to hell
Mal (5 years ago) Hi welcome to VidLii
4dojo (5 years ago) Cool. Cool. Good to just kick back and enjoy some free time.
4dojo (5 years ago) lol. Thanks. I'm probably not gonna been around here much this summer, with college and all. Do you have any plans for the summer?
KokoAnimations (5 years ago) It's fine. Thanks anyways. I wish you luck, pal.
ROBLOXVIP735 (5 years ago) (Addendum to the last part of my previous comment)
I forget about the fact you never got to say goodbye and focus on the positives and how happy your dog probably was previously.
ROBLOXVIP735 (5 years ago) @edgelord69
Sorry for your loss and thank you for your understanding.
I hope you get better.
edgelord69 (5 years ago) Sorry about your dog by the way
I didn't get to say bye to my dog either and it was a really horrible experience, so I understand what you went through
ROBLOXVIP735 (5 years ago) @edgelord69
Glad to see you around too.
edgelord69 (5 years ago) roblox loving loser
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