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Morgan W.C. Von Thaden
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Jul 30, 2017
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Short Desc:Used to be(8+ years ago), not a ROBLOX kiddie anymore.

I upload gameplay and random videos in between my gameplay videos. I have to have someone else talking otherwise I get quiet, and in the Factorio series, you will notice that I struggle without anyone to keep talking.

Gameplay uploaded every monday. (Currently not true)

I'll be blunt, I am NOT a good friend at all. In fact, I'm probably the worst friend in the world. Atleast I try to help people, but there's a reason why I'm the worst friend ever.
I'm either too kind or too mean.

I will try to reply to every comment possible.
United States
Self employed gamer and game designer
Visions In Education
Gaming, programming, watching videos, forcing Youtube out of business, one person at a time.
Indiana Jones(series)
Daft Punk, random game music
Anything that is remotely fantasy
People I know
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ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (1 day ago)
The Great Strategy - ROBLOX
@undefined Also because this was done pretty well. Thanks for doing this.
ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (1 day ago)
The Great Strategy - ROBLOX
NORMALLY I would report you, but the creator of the song has come out and said that he really doesn't give a crap about who uses the song.
ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (3 days ago)
@allMotti Sounds like a hispanic ripoff honestly.
ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (6 days ago)
Frosty is PUN-tastic in StarCraft (...
I have a recommendation to help improve your video views. If your video has more than one part, release one part a day. It'll help keep suspension up....
ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (1 week ago)
Super Mario Bros done in under 5 mi...
No. Just no. 2 billion people suddenly viewed this video? No.
Channel Comments (97)
4dojo (1 week ago) Cool. Cool. Good to just kick back and enjoy some free time.
4dojo (1 week ago) lol. Thanks. I'm probably not gonna been around here much this summer, with college and all. Do you have any plans for the summer?
KokoAnimations (2 weeks ago) It's fine. Thanks anyways. I wish you luck, pal.
ROBLOXVIP735 (2 weeks ago) (Addendum to the last part of my previous comment)
I forget about the fact you never got to say goodbye and focus on the positives and how happy your dog probably was previously.
ROBLOXVIP735 (2 weeks ago) @edgelord69
Sorry for your loss and thank you for your understanding.
I hope you get better.
edgelord69 (2 weeks ago) Sorry about your dog by the way
I didn't get to say bye to my dog either and it was a really horrible experience, so I understand what you went through
ROBLOXVIP735 (1 month ago) @edgelord69
Glad to see you around too.
edgelord69 (1 month ago) roblox loving loser
bumblebee (1 month ago) I'm here to
ROBLOXVIP735 (2 months ago) @dothemario Swing your arms from side to side
Come on, it's time to go. Do the Mario!
Take one step, and then again
Let's do the Mario, all together now! You got it!
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