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Morgan W.C. Von Thaden
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Jul 30, 2017
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Short Desc:Used to be(8+ years ago), not a ROBLOX kiddie anymore.

I upload gameplay and random videos in between my gameplay videos. I have to have someone else talking otherwise I get quiet, and in the Factorio series, you will notice that I struggle without anyone to keep talking.

Gameplay uploaded every monday. (Currently not true)

I'll be blunt, I am NOT a good friend at all. In fact, I'm probably the worst friend in the world. Atleast I try to help people, but there's a reason why I'm the worst friend ever.
I'm either too kind or too mean.

I will try to reply to every comment possible.
United States
Self employed gamer and game designer
Visions In Education
Gaming, programming, watching videos, forcing Youtube out of business, one person at a time.
Indiana Jones(series)
Daft Punk, random game music
Anything that is remotely fantasy
People I know
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ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (25 minutes ago)
Exposing Galvantula866!
Fan fiction So you count official comics, official story lines from video games and the Sonic Bible as fan fiction?
ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (1 hour ago)
Exposing Galvantula866!
Exactly my point. Plus, Amy Rose is 21.
ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (1 hour ago)
Exposing Galvantula866!
And even if you include Classic Amy, he wouldn't get hunted down by the FBI because it's a fictional character. You're just a fucking asshole that doe...
ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (1 hour ago)
Exposing Galvantula866!
In lore, Amy Rose actually had a magical gem age her up to be Sonic's age (21 or so). So, Amy Rose, is only mentally 12.
ROBLOXVIP735 commented on a video (1 hour ago)
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MeltingPot (4 hours ago) Oh. I'm sorry!
ROBLOXVIP735 (6 hours ago) @meltingpot
You don't understand, that's pretty much the only money I have.
MeltingPot (6 hours ago) No it's not, I have no money in my steam account
ROBLOXVIP735 (7 hours ago) Because I'm not rich enough. @MeltingPot
I have 55 cents in my steam bank alone, isn't that enough to prove how little money I have?
MeltingPot (18 hours ago) why not?
ROBLOXVIP735 (1 day ago) @MeltingPot don't have Halo, sorry.
MeltingPot (1 day ago) make a lets play on halo
ROBLOXVIP735 (1 month ago) (Cont) 13055 views is the view count of Knotsnappy. I have 476. You would like to think I'm not there on the "Most viewed" pages of vidlii's all members, but guess again. I'm in 95th place, AKA fourth page last one. I am surprised about this.
Sadly, it doesn't get better unless I get either 17 or 18 subscribers, but until then, this 16 will have to do.
ROBLOXVIP735 (1 month ago) Under gamers, the most subscribed gaming channel is TheVideoGamer64, with 182. The next, RayWilliamJohnson has 93. Skipping to page two, I HAVE 16. I'm eleventh place on that page. I'm the 35th most subscribed Vidlii user that has it's main topic as gaming. This means a lot to me.
But, that's not all. Going by views, 4756 is the limit for TVG64. I have 476. I'm 14th place. On the front page. Let that sink in, FOURTEENTH PLACE.
BUT, there's even more. (Continued)
4dojo (2 months ago) that's probably true. sadly wii u is the only console I have to work with D:
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