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Feb 17, 2018
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Salutations Citizens of TerraGaia! This is your Leader Here, the Supreme Xtream! And welcome to my chambers; thy servants! You may call me also refer to me as Lord Xerk! On this Channel, I make Video Essays, Rants, Reviews, Livestreams, and Commentaries regarding Gaming, Anime, Movies, TV Shows, and a whole host of other stuff regarding the Entertainment Industry! I hope you all can enjoy my content for I make it to entertain all you humans on the Planet Earth! And so godspeed to you all and I hope you all enjoy what I have in store for the future! Thank you for this Special Announcement!

~Ronit Mahajan (The Supreme Xtream; Xerk quod Galacticas)
The Galactic Emperior of the Xerkian-Galacticas Empire!
Video Games, Anime, Movies, TV Shows, Classcal Music, and Art
Star Wars, Avengers, A Silent Voice, Lord of the Rings, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion
Led Zepplin, Billy Idol, Yuki Kajiura, Koji Kondo, and Joe Hisaishi
Dragon Ball, Lord of the Rings, The Promised Neverland, One Piece, Attack on Titan, and A Silent Voice
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TheSupremeXtream commented on a video (2 years ago)
[Darkscythe] The Rat King (GhostHun...
You're not wrong but just note that this was just a re-upload of a segment from the first Peer Review on Dreu in which I make a cameo appearance. This...
TheSupremeXtream commented on a video (2 years ago)
(Part 1/3) Hollywood Marcus Xtreme ...
Yep. A new video on him is coming soon of course
TheSupremeXtream commented on a video (2 years ago)
[Hollywood MXT III] DarKKKscythe th...
Yeah, MXT really does suck at his Past Present and Future Verb Tenses. He also made his video too long which is why I had to cut it out from being in ...
TheSupremeXtream commented on a video (2 years ago)
(Part 1/4) Darkscythe the Hypocrtic...
Ik I am. Or at least I should say that I was. Old Video I'm re-uploading from 10mo ago. This was from back when I was a huge sperg and DS called me ou...
TheSupremeXtream commented on a video (2 years ago)
(Part 2/4) Darkscythe the Hypocrtic...
Yeah, I am for the most part. I don't got any issues with him anymore.
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DungeonMaster2497 (2 years ago) ur channel is gey
KleinerJay (2 years ago) @TheSupremeXtream fine.
TheSupremeXtream (2 years ago) @KleinerJay Good, good, how about you?
KleinerJay (2 years ago) hey, how you doing?
TheSupremeXtream (2 years ago) Currently, I'm just Reuploading Old Videos! These old videos should not reflect my current opinions as in all these months I've reflected and changed my opinions drastically overtime. My newest project which Concludes the Spergacide Saga will be a good reflection of my current opinions so stay tuned for that.
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