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VultureX1998 commented on a video (6 days ago)
Meme - Penelope Pitstop is T H I C ...
@Firulais64 Yeah, it's weird.
VultureX1998 commented on a video (4 weeks ago)
Don't let your kids go on Rule 34!!
@Tauro2076 Exactly! Not to mention, it bombards you with X-rated ads on every page.
VultureX1998 favorited a video (2 months ago)
VultureX1998 favorited a video (2 months ago)
Peluchin Entertainment Gets Owned
Welcome to my first Speakonia Owned video. In this video, the cat killer known as Peluchin Entertainment is getting what's coming to him... big time! ...
VultureX1998 favorited a video (2 months ago)
Drew Pickles Rants: Fat-Labrador
A fatass furfag pulls an ImmatheDeer stunt.
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