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Nov 26, 2019
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I am living a lifestyle in which I literally live like it's 2009 again.

And I'm being serious.

I am making an actual attempt at reliving the 2000s decade (particularly the 2005-2009 period) as purely and strictly as possible. I do this because I believe that the 2000s was a better, simpler, happier, and easier time to live. Technically, as of November 2019, preparations are still being made to live completely 2000s-only, or as 2000s-only as I can, but I'm getting very close (an authentic camera from that time and a working, activated flip phone are among the most important items I'm missing). I'm hoping that sometime in the year 2020 I can start being a 2000s purist, so I'll be effectively missing entire decades of the future, which is exactly what I want.

I am impressed and enamored with Vidlii. What an amazing experience, to relive the old YouTube. So this will be my new home. I'll treat it just like I treated YouTube back in the day.

I'm going to be making a video series here that details my 2000s-only lifestyle and the many hardships it requires in the modern day. Furthermore, many of my videos will be tutorial videos showing how you can use certain 2000s technologies etc. in the 2020s.

I'll also upload some other random crap here, including gaming videos. I make my videos for fun, and I do not care as much about the quality as I do the fun in making them, or the usefulness of them. That was the fun of the old YouTube was that people really just didn't give a sh**.

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