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epicman89 (4 days ago) @OGBanEvasion Also animaster was banned too.
epicman89 (4 days ago) @OGBanEvasion Ok? Why on my channel comment section? Do it on Animasters or other channels like Animaster.
epicman89 (1 week ago) @Animaster What did you do?
Animaster (1 week ago) no, sorry, because BMF says no. i got 3 striked.
theweebochannel (1 week ago) Wow.
epicman89 (1 week ago) @theweebochannel -him by baiting him onto finobe's dev site. Then more drama happening and happenin. There was drama about a group called the ryelows and my boi vress was being "racist" to them and i dont know the entire thing but i was part of it for a bit. Then drama about me calling someone a n****r because they raided my server, however, i never called them a n****r and my friend Vress/PaperWan/Tristin and other people didn't believe me and then i got SCC. And then i quit and said F-U to it.
epicman89 (1 week ago) @theweebochannel Finobe is a old roblox revival made by Raymonf who also made the private revival called RBLXDev. Finobe has 2 (Technically 3) clients. 2007 and 2012. 2007 got removed for security so they replaced it with 2016. And during the addition of 2016 there was a lot of drama happening. Its been really going off recently. When the drama started going off (well i think) is when i tried baiting a 8 year old onto because the admins did nothing about him so i tried ip banning-
theweebochannel (1 week ago) Hi, can you please enlighten me on what's the drama about "finobe"? I don't know what happened to finobe, I have no idea who he is.
ItzFares2 (1 week ago) You deserve more subscribers.
epicman89 (2 weeks ago) @Skid1288 Thanks!
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