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Mar 03, 2018

What's up everyone! I’m Rodney.

It all started back in July 2017 with a YouTube account named logoboy98, in December 8 2017 with a VidLii account named Vadi2007 and back in 2018 with both RODNEYCAPRA and rodneysystems2007. Here you can find logo captures, VHS stuff, 16mm stuff, reuploads and scary videos.

Things that I like:
-classic YouTube layout
-asaloverboy7 (circa 2006)
-Brian Coukis (circa 2010)
-The Bronze Sonic (circa 2009)
-Hurford575 (circa 2019)
-people reuploading my videos
-16mm stuff
-rare stuff
-scary videos

Things that I hate:
-people calling me toxic
-people disliking my stuff
-people downvoting my videos and disliking my comments.

My BitView account (since 2018):
United States
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Speed Drawing tribute: MobéBuds -...
🔴Speed Drawing tribute: MobéBuds - B.L.B Black Bulkey (BLACK LIVES MATTER) 🔴 🛡 SUBSCRIBE ► | 👉 MY PREVIOUS VIDE...
rodneysystems2007 favorited a video (22 hours ago)
Don't ask me why I made this video. I don't know what I'm doing and I'm just really, really bored, okay?
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rodneysystems2007 commented on a video (1 day ago)
Paradon - Boring Attractions (TPZPa...
@ThePhilliesFan This actually reminds me of when I recorded one of PiaNO!'s videos back in 2011-2012.
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Paramount Feature Presentation 4500...
No copyright infringement, community guidelines, or terms of service violations are intended Here it is! It took a while to finish this! At least thi...
Channel Comments (100)
ThePhilliesFan (1 day ago) I finally reuploaded TPZPaqo’s video.
MrGMajorMakerMANN (2 days ago) @rodneysystems2007 I found a video with someone making their horror remake of the logo.
rodneysystems2007 (2 days ago) @MrGMajorMakerMANN No offense but I don't feel like it. I'm actually a logo fan, not a Klasky Csupo logo editor.
MrGMajorMakerMANN (2 days ago) @rodneysystems2007 May I make a suggestion? Slap my ha-- ... I mean, can you make a Klasky Csupo Horror Remake and make it look like the one from the "Rugrats Lost Episode.avi" creepypasta?
DJweeder (2 days ago) @rodneysystems2007
Nice, i think i've heard of that one
rodneysystems2007 (2 days ago) @DJweeder I didn't have the KD-34XBR960 Trinitron WEGA HDTV, but I actually like that TV.

I still have the Teletech CRT TV since 2007.
DJweeder (2 days ago) Hello Rodney! I see you like CRT's, what are your thoughts on the KD-34XBR960 Trinitron WEGA HDTV? It was a beast back in the day.
MrGMajorMakerMANN (2 days ago) @rodneysystems2007 I don't mind having to deal with the COPPA stuff. My videos aren't really for little kids anyway. But the spambots; I just block them and delete their comment(s).
rodneysystems2007 (3 days ago) @MrGMajorMakerMANN Because I was being so annoying back in the past. I don't think I will come back on YouTube due to COPPA and spambots.

I started to make scary videos back in 2018. If you want to watch my old videos, LARDLOGO did a reaction to it:
MrGMajorMakerMANN (3 days ago) @rodneysystems2007 Why did you delete your old YouTube account?
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