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Windows Vista | Disproving The Hate

Dec 03, 2017
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In this video I explain why Windows Vista was hated so much and disprove some of the theories of why it was hated, and discuss somewhat about the OS itself and its history.
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SGWaS (6 years ago)
Great vid. Vista's one of my favourite OSes of all time along with Windows 7. I used to hate it until I tried it with Boot Camp on my old iMac, then I loved it! This was around the time that Vista was about to be discontinued however, but I didn't really care. I could still use every program I needed, and along with the beautiful Aero interface, I kept it on the computer until it suffered from a logic board failure earlier this year.

I do have a Vista installation on my current PC, along with 7 and 10 to stay up to date. It's still my favourite, even if it's a little out-of-date.
an65001 (6 years ago)
Nice, but 10 years too late, unfortunately.
pinkmoon89 (6 years ago)
NathanDarkson984 (6 years ago)
Yeah, it has it's ups and downs, but personally, I fucking loved Vista. Why? Aero theme, of course. That, and everything about it (not the bad parts). There was also another reason why I loved it. Inkball (or PenBall, by some people) on Vista. Surely it did end its support this year, sadly...but I still love it.
pinkmoon89 (6 years ago)
I still love it too ^.^
ROBLOXVIP735 (6 years ago)
Windows Vista was hated because of it's timing of release. When Windows Vista released, it was released right when netbooks were becoming popular. As we all know, NETBOOKS and HIGH REQUIREMENTS do not mix. Vista was an all out (abit rushed) attempt at the future, leading to terrible optimization and even worse integration. The worst part was the companies that made the netbooks. Vista was loaded onto almost every netbook you could possibly think of, and despite Windows XP being a better alternative to Vista at the time, but Vista, being the newest OS, was highly marketable compared to XP in their eyes, and we ended up with terrible netbooks running an otherwise great OS.

Remember how I said "even worse integration"? That was the new technology. Due to how rushed Windows Longhorn was, defragging constantly was a problem, which made it a problem for gamers. On top of that, for some unknown reason, a lot of computers ended up with BSODs. Furthermore, UAC was just a [1/2]
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pinkmoon89 (6 years ago)
Actually, Microsoft extended OEM support for ULC PCs on XP until 2010, and this netbook (released in around 2008-2009) has XP Home on it by default - though I changed it to Vista because I noticed XP doesn't have H.264/MP4 support natively, meaning playing HTML5 video is a pain on it. (Constant stutters and jitters.) - it was actually desktops that had the issue of being loaded with barely the minimum requirements in order to run the operating system.
pinkmoon89 (6 years ago)
And I agree, the RTM was garbage, SP1 fixed a lot.
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