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Welcome to my channel. I focus on mainly gaming content with some tech mixed in, like talking about or testing operating systems, programming or stuff like that. The gaming I focus on is anything from retro to new.

I use a variety of ways to record my gameplay footage. Either with video capture software or a capture card. Some new game consoles have the ability to record a certain amount of gameplay. I do not have an HD capture card at this time.

All gameplay footage is recorded by me, unless otherwise noted.

Please do not take my videos without permission.
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Ys VIII - Raid Battle - PS4 Gamepla...
@Ikagura At least you can get a trophy if you do all the raids.
AlmightyGaming commented on a video (3 days ago)
Ys VIII - Fishing - PS4 Gameplay
@Ikagura Yeah Fishing is just a side activity in this game.
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MomijiInubashiri (1 month ago)
Fine, for the most part. Just bored.
Cazzy (1 month ago)
Hey! It's going good thanks for asking. How about you? :3
Rin (1 month ago)
I'm fine. How are you?
Pachirisi (1 month ago)
pachi (i have a case that can hold 60 switch games, do you think i'm going to have more of them than that)
Pachirisi (1 month ago)
pachi (i'm almost done with and beat all the 3ds games i have, so i'm going to get the switch lite and have games to do on the switch lite for a long time, so i don't feel like i need custom firmware anymore, but i still have the ace3ds x and stargate to use)
Pachirisi (1 month ago)
pachi (i thought since i'm keeping the games that i wouldn't need to have them backed up like that anymore since it would hard to lose the things i have saved on them with the way it is now for me even without that)
Pachirisi (1 month ago)
pachi (i'm going to stop using custom firmware now, what do you think)
TheVideoGamer64 (1 month ago)
Rich (1 month ago)
All's good thanks, how about you? Happy New Year.
TheVideoGamer64 (1 month ago)
Yep. Thanks. It's uploaded now. I hope you enjoy it buddy! :)
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