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Welcome to my channel. I focus on mainly gaming content with some tech mixed in, like talking about or testing operating systems, programming or stuff like that. The gaming I focus on is anything from retro to new.

I use a variety of ways to record my gameplay footage. Either with video capture software or a capture card. Some new game consoles have the ability to record a certain amount of gameplay. I do not have an HD capture card at this time.

All gameplay footage is recorded by me, unless otherwise noted.

Please do not take my videos without permission.
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Crash 2 - Turtle Woods[Crystal & Ge...
@Corts Yeah there's a bit of stutter, should have turned off more processes when I recorded this.
AlmightyGaming commented on a video (6 days ago)
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes B...
Crash 2, one of my favorite games!
AlmightyGaming commented on a video (1 week ago)
I Got The Nintendo Wii!
The wii was a good console. A handful of good games for it.
AlmightyGaming commented on a video (1 week ago)
I Got Something Unexpected & My Opi...
Congrats. I think the Wii-U has some cool games. I know it wasn't one of Nintendo's most popular game consoles.
Channel Comments (269)
Sayo (4 months ago)
I'm fine. How are you?
TheVideoGamer64 (4 months ago)
It's going great pal. How about you?
Pachirisi (4 months ago)
pachi (i'm thinking about what older game system could do everything that i would want, which one is that)
CrystalFairy (4 months ago)
yes old games are great. i havent bought any new games since 2008
and well im afraid i dont know that
TheVideoGamer64 (4 months ago)
Thank you. That's cool! :)
TheVideoGamer64 (4 months ago)
Thanks and that's awesome. I played the X-Box One and PlayStation 4 in the past, but now I have a Nintendo Switch and out of those consoles I would say the Nintendo Switch is my favorite new console . :)
TheVideoGamer64 (4 months ago)
Yes, yes indeed. I'm excited for The Legend Of Zelda : Link's Awakening, Pokemon Sword and Shield, I'm excited for the new characters to come to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It's good that Banjo and Kazooie will be a DLC bonus for Super Smash Bros Ultimate out of all the characters that is coming for the game, because it could be Banjo Kazooie Three could happen and another Conker game and stuff. E3 was pretty good in my opinion. :) How about you? What did you think about the games coming out?
TheVideoGamer64 (4 months ago)
That's good. I'm doing good. I'm just getting home late at night and now relaxing at the moment. :)
audiobotguy03 (4 months ago)
You're welcome! :D
TheVideoGamer64 (4 months ago)
So what are you doing now buddy?
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