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Welcome to my channel. I focus on mainly gaming content with some tech mixed in, like talking about or testing operating systems, programming or stuff like that. The gaming I focus on is anything from retro to new.

I use a variety of ways to record my gameplay footage. Either with video capture software or a capture card. Some new game consoles have the ability to record a certain amount of gameplay. I do not have an HD capture card at this time.

All gameplay footage is recorded by me, unless otherwise noted.

Please do not take my videos without permission.

Paypal: g_andy at
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Mike Tyson's Punch-Out -Bloxed
I've always enjoyed the Punch-Out series. I hope the Switch gets a Punch-Out game. Nintendo should really give more love to the Punch-Out series.
AlmightyGaming commented on a video (11 hours ago)
Final Fantasy VII -Bloxed
I have tried playing this game many times, but I couldn't get into it. Perhaps the remake will be something I enjoy, if it ever comes out.
AlmightyGaming commented on a video (16 hours ago)
My 600 Subscribers Special : Tetris...
Congrats on 600 subs! Tetris is a fun game!
AlmightyGaming commented on a video (17 hours ago)
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TheVideoGamer64 (3 days ago)
Cool! :)
TheVideoGamer64 (3 days ago)
That's good and you're welcome. What did you do today?
TheVideoGamer64 (3 days ago)
It's going good. How about you?
BakeASMR (1 week ago)
Hey!, How's it going?
CAE8E693C8D869 (1 week ago)
Thank you, I actually have that costume for her and it's one of my favorites.
XBoxGamer64ization (1 week ago)
Hi dude, how are you?
Cazzy (1 week ago)
That's good! :D
Cazzy (1 week ago)
Hey! It's going alright thanks for asking. How about you? :3
XBoxGamer64ization (1 week ago)
Oh cool man! :)
XBoxGamer64ization (1 week ago)
That's good. I'm good as well, just chilling and taking it easy for today. I might play my X-Box 360 tonight, but not for sure.
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