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TAKE BACK OUR FUTURE - A Message fr...
@Kenji Nikki Haley isn't even black, you stupid tard, she's a fucking Indian! And not like Chief Slapaho Indian, Indian from India!
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TAKE BACK OUR FUTURE - A Message fr...
Of course a stupid anime watching piece of shit uploaded this shit! Seriously, what is it with you anime watching fruitbowls and white nationalism? ...
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GamblingCapitalist (6 months ago)
They are fucking lazy! That's why no one owns a fucking house anymore! It makes me sick too, all these idiots refusing to grow the fuck up! Trump betrayed everyone and all those idiots know it, and MAGA is a damn joke! Mike Lindell probably does regret supporting Trump! Damn right we aren't RINOs, we're just real fucking republicans! I hope they get cancer of the cock too, those assholes making fun of rock ape will get punished in hell!
Iloveyouallblessingx (6 months ago)
let be friend i love you all.
FrankGarrett (7 months ago)
Yew shtupid coggsugger. Fugg kew.
MTBlane (7 months ago)
You STFU! You are not biker, you are January 6th terrorist. I hope FBI arrest you! You watch False Prophet. SHIELDGhost real prophet, he wants to protect democracy.
GhostsPetWeasel (7 months ago)
Hey! California is awesome, we have great weather hot woman and plus I can shower in the women's lockeroom just by saying I'm non binary. My master Ghost calls California "a bastion of Conservatism".
14AR15sRule88 (7 months ago)
Is that what you want to do to me, Frank, are you a faggot?!
GamblingCapitalist (8 months ago)
Anyone who thinks one job is enough is a fucking lazy piece of shit! He's a tard living with your ex because he refuses to grow up! Trump betrays everyone, and these MAGA idiots think "Oh, Ghost betrayed Trump!" WHEN TRUMP BETRAYED EVERYONE! We're not RINOs, we're conservative republicans! Christie is the best candidate because everyone else running is a fucking idiot! Of course they can't, they're fucking tards!
SpringfieldPervert69 (8 months ago)
Oh yeah. Suck my cawk.
MusicGirlYuzu (8 months ago)
Do you ride a pink My Little Pony bike? I heard your leaders a brony.
Iloveyouallblessingx (8 months ago)
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