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TAKE BACK OUR FUTURE - A Message fr...
@Kenji Nikki Haley isn't even black, you stupid tard, she's a fucking Indian! And not like Chief Slapaho Indian, Indian from India!
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TAKE BACK OUR FUTURE - A Message fr...
Of course a stupid anime watching piece of shit uploaded this shit! Seriously, what is it with you anime watching fruitbowls and white nationalism? ...
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GamblingCapitalist (8 months ago)
Exactly! That idiot doesn't want a 2nd job because he's a lazy ass autist! Trump has supported democrat shit, and these idiots still think he's republican! They've drank the Trump koolaid and it's very obvious! For sure he'll make us lose everything in 2024! Christie isn't perfect, but least he's the only adult in the room! Of course they're unoriginal! They're tards!
NavyAdmiralRanmaru (8 months ago)
NickAdamsAlt (8 months ago)
I bet you're not even a biker. I bet every time you go to the gym you lift the 5lbs dumbbells. But not me I can lift 500 pounds because I'm an Alpha male. When I go to the men's locker room all the ladies change their genders so they can see my beautiful alpha male 6 pack and my long beautiful alpha male penis that has been in your wife's ass.
GhostsPetWeasel (8 months ago)
Fun fact, on my earth Chris Christie has a scat fetish. No joke, on Twitbook and he posted a picture of Taylor Swift's poop. Oh and in my earth Facebook and Twitter merged to become TwitBook. But yeah, don't vote for that lardass. Vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger! He's the real conservative in the race.
GamblingCapitalist (8 months ago)
That's your typical tard! They think they're doing something by doing the bare fucking minimum! I'd be more impressed if he worked 2 or 3 jobs! Trump supporting abortion and that liberal crap is proof he's a democrat in disguise!
Trump lost us the house in 2018, the presidency and house again in 2020, and the fucking senate in 2022! Christie should be the one to win, and anyone who calls him Krispy Kreme is likely a jelly ass hambone themselves!
NickAdamsAlt (9 months ago)
I bet you hate me because Liz Cheney dreams about me fucking her in the ass. I bet you wish you had hot mamas like Liz Cheney and Nancy Pelosi wanting to fuck you.

You will never be an alphamale and conservative warrior like me and Adam Kizinger. We were on the battlefield.
FrankGarrett (9 months ago)
I love trouble.
NavyAdmiralRanmaru (9 months ago)
Yew don't tell me what tew dew!
14AR15sRule88 (9 months ago)
Hey, eat me, you cocksucker
SHIELDGhost (9 months ago)
Fuck Texas. The state is filled with hillbillies and Nazis. I'll take California's beautiful weather any day. And Florida needs to get rid of that fascist Ron DeSantis. Oh and I've come to the conclusion that the Ghost you listen to is on the Kremlin's payroll. I'm the the real deal, boi!
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