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TAKE BACK OUR FUTURE - A Message fr...
@Kenji Nikki Haley isn't even black, you stupid tard, she's a fucking Indian! And not like Chief Slapaho Indian, Indian from India!
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TAKE BACK OUR FUTURE - A Message fr...
Of course a stupid anime watching piece of shit uploaded this shit! Seriously, what is it with you anime watching fruitbowls and white nationalism? ...
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GamblingCapitalist (3 months ago)
They make excuse after excuse when it's fucking them! The fact the nominees are likely Biden and Trump is proof this nation is doomed! I hope they get boosted too so they die of fucking heart attacks! The only reason people support Trump is for the money! I'm actually thinking of leaving the republican party if Trump wins, I've had enough of these MAGA pieces of crap!
NickAdamsAlt (4 months ago)
As a proud Alphamale, I will be drinking Bud Light and eating a nice pint of Ben and Jerrys when Nikki Hayley gets the nomination. You hate Nikki Hayley because you are blinded by Putin's hate. You must get Putin's dick out of your mouth and realize that Nikki Hayley, John Kasich and Taylor Swift are patriotic Americans.

Nick Adams- Alphamale and best selling author of Green Card Avenger.
Oltsu (4 months ago)
Good channel
14AR15sRule88 (4 months ago)
GamblingCapitalist (4 months ago)
They don't own houses because they're poor tards! They can't grow up, they still watch fiction shit! Trump did betray everyone and the fact Trump is going to likely be the nominee is why we're fucked as a nation! I bet those idiots would get that covid jab if he told those MAGA tards to get it! Lots of idiots fucked themselves over supporting Trump! We are republican, and they're the damn RINOs! I hope they get uncurable cancer, I HATE THEM!
ANTIFASlayer (5 months ago)
Bitch please, If DHS can take on Ghost than so can I. I'll fuck him up so bad that he'll have to eat his food from a straw. Oh and Ron Paul (who's in his 80's) can probably beat Ghost to a pulp as well.
ANTIFASlayer (5 months ago)
I'm happy Rock Ape died. That's what Ghost gets after mocking Stan. I think I'm gonna take a nice huge piss on his grave.
NickAdamsAlt (5 months ago)
I think you need a nice tall can of Bud Light and drink it while masturbating to Taylor Swift's the Eras Tour. That is what alphamales do.
GamblingCapitalist (6 months ago)
They are fucking lazy! That's why no one owns a fucking house anymore! It makes me sick too, all these idiots refusing to grow the fuck up! Trump betrayed everyone and all those idiots know it, and MAGA is a damn joke! Mike Lindell probably does regret supporting Trump! Damn right we aren't RINOs, we're just real fucking republicans! I hope they get cancer of the cock too, those assholes making fun of rock ape will get punished in hell!
Iloveyouallblessingx (6 months ago)
let be friend i love you all.
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