Michael Neville is a gook loving faggot!
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I'm here to troll somebody by the name of KingOvHell (Real name: Michael Neville) who lives in some trash garbage state that is New Jersey in the US. The guy is ordering pizzas to other people's houses while disrestecting their dead family members because he thinks it makes him look cool and edgy when he's a giant fucking faggot with a weird fetish over disgusting asian ladyboys who eat rats for dinner
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TendaAndChalesExpose (5 months ago)
funny how you and your "boss" love to say ur peaceful and yet doxx people who criticize charles' regarless of what type of criticism is and create accounts to hate on asians huh ?
moonman69420 (8 months ago)
Mookie is a bitch ass nigger, fuck Pertania
She has sunk like the Lusitania

I celebrate her death once a year
It is a great cheer, eating pizza drinking beer
Keep crying your tears,
Wolfgang is nothing but a bunch of queers
ALL (10 months ago)
Great channel, CHINA!
MrStanleyRoper (11 months ago)
The pussy Alex disappeared like a fart. Where are you autistic twitter homo?
MrStanleyRoper (11 months ago)
Do you pay charles to stick his dick in your mouth Alex?
MrStanleyRoper (11 months ago)
Alex, before you start calling myself and others homos, go be with a woman, something you have never done. The only thing you have done is have homosexual discussions with homos on twitter and charles ball sack rubbing you in the face. You're a virgin and gay.
MrStanleyRoper (11 months ago)
You're impersonating someone online you dick licker, now you want to pretend you're above the law. Fuck off cuckadian. Go suck some more nigger cock.
MrStanleyRoper (11 months ago)
Charles's sister is a pedophile, like him. We know about saysay.
MrStanleyRoper (11 months ago)
On April 2 I will send you some more dildos you can use to fill your ass and mouth. Pretend those cocks are Charles, your gay lover.
MrStanleyRoper (11 months ago)
Autistic fag. Keep blowing the nigger. You're an expert at polishing dicks with your mouth. I saw your twitter account you little fag.
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