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Age: 27
Name: Levy McGarden
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Nationality: South Korean
Hair: Black (RP: Blue)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 155 cm (5'1)
Weight: 41 kg (90 lbs)
Status: Married
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Channel Comments (16)
K0K0sMinion (3 months ago)
Say Candle Jack!
TheVideoGamer64 (5 months ago)
Nice channel and welcome to VidLii. How are you?
boa654 (5 months ago)
shes awesome do you like dragon luffys father
boa654 (5 months ago)
do you like boa hancock
boa654 (5 months ago)
do you like one piece
AmuChan (5 months ago)
AmuChan (5 months ago)
I ain’t a clopper
boa654 (5 months ago)
shes a coward i love one piece boa hancock is awesome
boa654 (5 months ago)
jewtube sucks fuck it but this site has losers to like these i just said Cerise is a fucking cunt you shoud troll her she even has the nerve to use a badass female character utena
boa654 (5 months ago)
if not i still want to be your friend but beware of these losers

Jonathan23 (Pedophile)
Alice45 a stupid bitch who thinks there is more then 2 genders
Iloveanime721 (Pedophile)

Cerise (Pedophile Lesbian)
KOFfan85 same as amy but hes a disney fanboy and hates anime i think he likes my little ony
DetectiveGirlAmy turned on her friends
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