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A gamer and wrestling fan at heart, what more could you ask for?
Interests: Wrestling, video games,
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Wrestling Encore - Double Z vs. Jum...
@geno999 I've played most of the games that MDickie has released over the years. Part of me still has a love for Wrestling Encore in my heart, since t...
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I applied for partnership a while ago, still haven't gotten a response in regards to my application.
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Channel Comments (5)
CoolDude84 (1 week ago)
I just watched your GTA IV messing in the train station video, and honestly, you should make a GTA IV gameplay series.
SuperiorXLZ (4 months ago)
So there is another wrestling fan on this site :)
PlayStation4Gamer64 (4 months ago)
Cool channel. :)
SubscribeToPinkerton (10 months ago)
Hey!, How's it going?
4dojo (12 months ago)
wii sports is pretty cool
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