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Aug 25, 2017
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3 months ago
Hello! I'm brand new to Vidlii but it seems like a cool site, and hopefully a good place to just make videos for fun again.

I don't know what this channel will end up being, it could end up being a proper channel, it could become just a personal dumping ground of videos I wanna share, or maybe both of those things, or maybe I'll lose interest and it will fade into obscurity. I don't know what will happen but this certainly seems exciting!

United Kingdom
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FIRST VLOG - Is everything REALLY a...
In the UK, a new pound coin was introduced a few months ago, and today is technically the last day that you can spend the old ones (although many shop...
catpatronus99 commented on a video (2 years ago)
VidLii History - Sneek Peek
I agree, that needs fixing. Otherwise, this is really good! I'm pretty new to Vidlii and I'd like to know more about its history so thanks for doing t...
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Sale Hunters: Pilot (S00E01)
At the moment of seeing all of those old computers I was instantly so jealous!
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jjay (1 year ago) Hey!, How's it going?
4dojo (2 years ago) hey man. What ya been up to?
4dojo (2 years ago) I need to get a phone that can do that. . .or anything for that matter D:
catpatronus99 (2 years ago) I used my phone for that with a timelapse app called Time Spirit, it's a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016), it does have a really good camera!
4dojo (2 years ago) neat video. what camera do you use?
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