edray1416's Recent Epic Fail

Jul 21, 2018
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EdrayTechTips made the beautiful Caillou intro parody used both in this video and in the video thumbnail:

edray1416 once again opens his mouth and spews out the dumbest shit I've seen on VidLii.

My back and forth with edray1416 in the comments:
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BoredWithADHD (5 years ago)
Technically I'm against the death penalty in general. I think human beings shouldn't take the lives of other human beings regardless of authority or ranking unless it is in self defense. Locking them up for life is good enough but the death penalty is just kicking someone when they're down. Revenge is wrong. I hate the term "an eye for an eye" because it seems rash. You may ask "what if you were raped or a family member was killed?" to which I would reply with "I would want that killer or rapist dead BUT that doesn't mean that they actually deserve to die" Emotions get in the way of logical thinking whether you want to believe it or not. Yes you can grieve but feeling good after killing someone REGARDLESS of how evil the victim is makes you just as evil. No one should feel good after killing someone even if that someone did something terrible to them.
omnipotency (5 years ago)
I think it's a plausible theory that a ton of the racism today stems out of jealousy and sexual frustration.
andrewapexpredator (4 years ago)
the truth has been revealed, edray is the king of stubborn who tried to kill pewdiepie and marzia.
whyarestreamsgone (4 years ago)
Remember the old youtube streams from testtube back in Youtube from 2008-2010? They shut them down in 2010 as well as youtube groups. Today, they no longer exist at all, and despite our pleas they've never returned. Petition Vidlii to bring back streams and chat rooms! #bringbackstreams #youtubestreams
KnockOffYouTube (4 years ago)
@whyarestreamsgone youtube has live streams now
DarinaBoonsberg (4 years ago)
what a racist faggot smh
iloveanime721backup (4 years ago)
@DarinaBoonsberg yeah but...alot of the people focus on the smallest views. america's becoming a lack of trust nation due to pedophilia. if things were to be at it's worse, then it is possible america will become a true communist country. ever heard of some people call christian "fundamentalist?" the papacy did call christianity "fundamentalist"
davitpos (4 years ago)
SubForSub (5 years ago)
UNATCO CONTROLS THE AMBROSIA nothing else but it was well done!
SubForSub (5 years ago)
lol keeping your country safe? sound affects fail i herd you liek This is SOOO cheesey! not people :p thank you for sending me this! that was cute!
KtosNieZnajomy (5 years ago)
1,337 views, nice
geno999 (5 years ago)
Huh never knew Swegta posted here, ayyye
JumpStarRecords (5 years ago)
We're so.. SO glad edray are gone, Such a cancer cunt! Why did Vidlii make a horrible person like THAT a top vidlii user??? STOP MAKING RETARDS FAMOUS!!! Great video!!
jhirzel88 (5 years ago)
I suppose you are right on some of your conclusions, however Edray DID in fact provide enough evidence to support his findings. Most of the time, he was right on point! It is very rare to say otherwise. If Edray was ever wrong on something, he wouldn't have taken the time to explain about it in the first place. That's what I think! Don't take it personally!
iloveanime721backup (5 years ago)
@jhirzel88 I'm not gonna talk based on political system nor edray but I'm gonna talk from the heart. It's sad. There's people who support democrats and the republican. But people Susan Wojcicki or Ajit Pai or even Google in som ways take advantage over humanity and see nothing wrong with that. What's sad is that we live in a system where people take advantage over people all because of money. But sadly compared to the higher ups, we're still low class compared to them. In realty, we all are slaves. Because of environmental imprisonment that's been happening since the ancient times.
lykakspars (5 years ago)
Huffalo (5 years ago)
you brought me here sweg!
ToroFA (5 years ago)
Just to clarify, I don't share his beliefs.
KingOfKomedy (5 years ago)
Lmao He banned me for criticizing his latest video. What kind of political channel censors comments? I wasn't even being rude. Just trying to get him to see why people didn't agree with the video. So I decided to upload a video exposing him as well. I wouldn't have even bothered to post the video had he have not tried to censor me. This was a great video. I'm subing to you. I wouldn't have wasted my time leaving any comments on his video had I of seen this video first. Obviously he's a hopeless moron.
Rakso93 (5 years ago)
I thought edray has gotten over about his behavior back in 2015 but since he was acting like an arrogant ass from his recent videos i feel like im losing respect to him.
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