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just your average spanish lad that uploads random stuff, mostly spongebob episodes in other languages
Country: Spain
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Angel753 hi so nicktoons global is gonna start airing seasons 1-3 of spongebob and someone from oocid is gonna help me with the recording stuff so expect a video in august 21st (2 days ago)
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باب اسفنجی [persian sponge...
@YellowChad hi do whatever you want with these lmao
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Boating School
i rly like the music at 07:01
Angel753 commented on a video (3 months ago)
Turtle song persian language
absolutely outstanding
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spongebob [german spongebob] mitarb...
@Hashtag Ja, das stimmt, ich komme aus Spanien und habe festgestellt, dass die meisten Inhalte auf vidlii auf Englisch sind, und ich habe einen Mangel...
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