The coolest kid in the old bay!
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Age: 14
Hello Everyone, My name is Areesh Daanial Malik!

I was born in Columbia, MD on April 8, 2005.

Since my childhood is great, I wanted to make videos since I’m growing bigger and bigger. I had a lot of good inspirations from my childhood, so I just wanna feel like that one famous boy from Maryland, and even move to L.A. in the future. I know I have a good eye for creation and promoting, but as of this time for my teen era, I have to upload everything to VidLii.

But don’t worry, because I can make good animations, music, live action-film shorts, memes, and more that you could think many popular internet celebrities would do.

Even though you think I’m a boy across the street, like what the people in Boston would say, “It’s more than just a feeling.”.

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Occupation: Being Popular, Expressing My Self
Schools: Dunloggin Middle School
Interests: Making Good Stuff!
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SGWaS Channel Trailer (2018 Edition)
SGWaS Channel Trailer (2018 Edition) 2 years ago
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No one uses VidLii anymore
No one uses VidLii anymore 1 month ago
Internet Friends Day! 💕
Internet Friends Day! 💕 1 month ago
SpongeBob Edited - Jellyfish Jam
SpongeBob Edited - Jellyfish Jam 11 months ago
bart, 10 months ago
bart kills barney the dinosaur
bart kills barney the dinosaur 7 months ago
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SGWaS Channel Trailer (2018 Edition...
The new trailer for the SGWaS channel.
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The intro for CCG88's latest film, The Secret Logos of Svensk Filmindustri. Part of it will be used, along with TR3X's intro.
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Areesh101 favorited a video (1 month ago)
Internet Friends Day! 💕
I love all my Internet friends very much and I'm so thankful for every single one of you! 💜 -- Songs Used: ♪ Friends Theme Song I don't own the s...
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SpongeBob Edited - Jellyfish Jam
Here it finally is, 6 months in the making. SpongeBitch holds a child captive who in turn trashes his whole godforsaken house NEW SOUNDS: .http...
Channel Comments (22)
Areesh101 (3 months ago)
Ok guys, we’ve reached a new year and decade!
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 & 2020s!!!
MrArcadeRetroGamer64 (10 months ago)
Hey how are you?
Areesh101 (10 months ago)
I’ve been having and doing so much fun this in this and the past weeks, I’ve better start to upload videos of those ASAP!

(BTW, Sorry if I made a typo from Spring Break 2019. ;P)
Areesh101 (11 months ago)
Hey everyone,
I know it’s passed the first week of me being 14 years old, and even though no one uploaded a happy birthday or any kind of video about me, and since I didn’t upload any video about my birthday (and I kinda didn’t tell most of my internet friends about this), I’M NOT GONNA LIE TO ANY OF YOU PEOPLE ANYMORE! Since spring break is here, I’ll try to upload videos more often, I won’t tell you any detail about my plan, but you’ll just have to wait and see!

Areesh101 (11 months ago)
For more of this info,
It will be in my B. Day video, so that’s all.

Have a good day, and don’t forget to wish me a happy birthday!
Areesh101 (11 months ago)
And one more thing,
Why don’t you guys make a special funny video or birthday video for me since today’s my 14th birthday, and even though we might not have enough time for today, since today is Monday (which is the first day of the week), why not have a special event on social medias (e.g. VidLii) called: “#Areeshs14thBirthWeek”, where people make funny random videos about me. It can be a B. Day video, a video with my hobbies, etc. It’s tributing a birthweek of me!
Areesh101 (11 months ago)
But I also created some new social media accounts where I post some good content there, and some content had been posted, so here’s the social media accounts I have:

Wikia (I’m currently active and into the Little Bear Wiki):
Discord (you can PM/DM me, but I do have a server, but it’s WIP): @Areesh101#7995

You can chat with me and discover my hobbies and content on those social medias.
Areesh101 (11 months ago)
I’ll explain the rest in my B. Day video, but to make things better for you guys right now,
I did a lot of fun things while I was offline from VidLii, and I even have pictures and videos of it to video edit it for a VidLii video.
Areesh101 (11 months ago)
But here’s some updates of what coming to my VidLii,
I might make a short B. Day video which will explain all of the other important stuff for my birthday today and some fun things doing this year (like in summer or spring break). I’m planning to make reaction videos of many popular videos or meme pictures. I’m planning to make funny fanmade videos about my favorite characters (e.g. Spongebob, Nick Jr. Face). And I’m planning to make some speedpaint of me drawing (since I’m a good arti
Areesh101 (11 months ago)
But what the main point is,
Why could a person like me say something big and special while his channel isn’t that popular and he doesn’t have much videos uploaded? Well, I used to have different video sharing social media, and I don’t have them anymore, but I do have some good old videos that my other friends (some are object show fans, Greeny Phatom fans, and Scratch users) like, and I might reupload them.
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