The coolest kid in the old bay!
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Age: 14
Hello Everyone, My name is Areesh Daanial Malik!

I was born in Columbia, MD on April 8, 2005.

Since my childhood is great, I wanted to make videos since I’m growing bigger and bigger. I had a lot of good inspirations from my childhood, so I just wanna feel like that one famous boy from Maryland, and even move to L.A. in the future. I know I have a good eye for creation and promoting, but as of this time for my teen era, I have to upload everything to VidLii.

But don’t worry, because I can make good animations, music, live action-film shorts, memes, and more that you could think many popular internet celebrities would do.

Even though you think I’m a boy across the street, like what the people in Boston would say, “It’s more than just a feeling.”.

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Occupation: Being Popular, Expressing My Self
Schools: Dunloggin Middle School
Interests: Making Good Stuff!
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@xXbonnybonXx Wow, you replied to me so quickly. I know, Welsh is so hard! Like saying Hello in Welsh is Helo (It sounds easy at first), saying Goodby...
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Nick Jr. Face Says His Very Long Go...
@xXbonnybonXx Welsh is a language that’s spoken in the country of Wales, which is in United Kingdom. Welsh is similar to English, but it’s words a...
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Nick Jr. Face Says His Very Long Go...
@JEVILOGEN I know, I’m not that good at speaking Welsh, I just did this project just for fun ;). However, I am currently learning Finnish, and I’m...
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Viacom V of Steel (1964, 1988) ULTI...
From another VHS of The Andy Griffith show. Also reuploaded from the Preston Returns account. Credit to LogoManSeva for the model.
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SpongeBob Edited - The Bully (REUPL...
And now, we come to the last edit released under the EditsForWinners name, "The Bully". Originally written in 2015 and then revised shortly after "Fir...
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someboredguy901 (2 years ago)
I really miss you so much, When VidBit shut down! I used to be AdelAdel123Essam on VidBit! BTW. Welcome back! :)
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