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Age: 28
well,ive been around since 2011,looking for a better place to stay,after the youtube went downhill.
I was on zippcast,vstreamrs,and
its been quite a long journey...

i will use this place for chatting,relaxing,nostalgia etc.
im also gonna upload something if i have time
lets have fun together folks

i love anime♥

im from japan. i dont speak english well

Interests: anime,manga,music,singing songs,strolling,relaxing,sleeping
Music: any kind of music. from old ones to the recent ones
Books: dont read books Lol.mostly manga
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The Cat's Meow 1 year ago
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darkyoshi9001 (3 days ago)
(continued) The only way to effectively stop clickbaiters from uploading that kind of stuff is to ignore their videos completely, which will deny them the monetized views and thus reduce their motivation to flood YouTube with their garbage, but it seems to me that most of YouTube nowadays either doesn't know or doesn't care that the site is being filled with such worthless videos, to the detriment of the quality stuff from the 2000s.
darkyoshi9001 (3 days ago)
It's very unfortunate that people continue to give such videos views. Those worthless clickbait videos have been on YouTube for years now, and the signs of a video being one of them are very easy to spot (for example, all-caps titles, declaring that you "MUST WATCH!!!", etc.), and yet they continue to get views from people.
darkyoshi9001 (6 days ago)
Yes, you're right; the quantity of videos on there is much greater now than in the past, but quality has gone down. YouTube really doesn't need more videos with titles like, "WOW CAN'T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED TO ME! (MUST WATCH!!!)"
GirlaPH (2 weeks ago)
Yes, I am. c:
darkyoshi9001 (2 weeks ago)
(continued) Of course, there might be fewer videos overall if monetization wasn't as widespread as it is now, and some might say the site would therefore be less useful as a video repository, but I think being less useful is a small price to pay when it comes to being a true, fun community.
darkyoshi9001 (2 weeks ago)
I would still have an account on there if the site managed to stay the same since the 2000s.

With less monetized clickbait garbage, and more channel customization and a sense of community, YouTube would be a fun place to hang out today, just like it was in the 2000s.
darkyoshi9001 (3 weeks ago)
Yeah, I remember that even 10+ years ago, YouTube/Google made unpopular changes to the site. Everybody complained about this update and that update, but we never really knew how lucky we were in those days; compared to the site back then, the YouTube of today is sterile and boring. If only we knew what the site would become during the 2010s, we would have treasured what we had much more.
GirlaPH (3 weeks ago)
No problem! ^,^
GirlaPH (3 weeks ago)
Thank you! Also love your background! c:
MomijiInubashiri (4 weeks ago)
Let's enjoy this while we still can, I guess.
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