The MrATAndreiThomas Rant!

Jul 08, 2017
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Hello everyone, and welcome to the MrATAndreiThomas rant! We're going to dive deep into some of the more shady stuff that Mr AT has been doing lately, and well as his many hypocrisies.
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Tux (4 weeks ago)
ATAndreiThomas (4 months ago)
I TAKE ORDERS FROM NO ONE!! ESPECIALLY FROM YOU CRAFTINGLORD21, And Since you turned against me 5 years ago and continue to be a Worthless Scum for the past couple of weeks which I know you were talking shit about me behind my back on discord, I no longer give a fucking Rats ass on what you think of me, so you don't get to tell me to practice on what I preach, you and your cronies on this platform can go Fuck Yourselves cause you are one Pathetic son of a fucking bitch deciding to turn on me back then, you ain't worth my time anymore, so Screw You and Fuck off. 🖕🏿
RedExec (1 year ago)
Xwyrick (1 year ago)
hey i see your active and just wanna say you have inspired me to make videos on vidlii thank you and i hope you are doing well
BoredWithADHD (1 year ago)
CL21: *hears rumors about MrAT*
Also CL21: *immediately makes a rant video without asking for AT's side of the story*
Me: *posts comment about how no one should care about drama or gossip*
Also Me: *finds out that my comment and most of everyone else's comments are gone now*

CL21 (1 year ago)
@BoredWithADHD This video actually got deleted when AliTheZombie banned almost every large creator on the site. When the video came back up, all of the comments and ratings ended up permanently in the void. Sad I know.

I don't really care about drama anymore, but keep in mind that this video was simply meant to criticize MrAT about abusing a system meant for smaller creators, when he was one of the larger ones on the site. The drama started when he gave me a copyright strike on YouTube, and things just got out of hand from there.

I do regret how far the drama went, it got way out of hand too fast. But I stand by the opinion of: You shouldn't use a tag and system meant for smaller channels to grow, when you are one of the largest creators on the site
BoredWithADHD (1 year ago)
@CL21 Ah alright. Thanks for clarifying.
doorphantom6 (1 year ago)
Isn’t Mattwo the same guy to has a burning hatred to Jan? lol.
pato2007the3rd (4 years ago)
Mr. AT will kill you if he sees this
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