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Hi everyone I am a retired youtuber because I don't like the theme design of yt, also there restricting policies over there I didn't like so I just quit making videos over there but have already started here, so brand new videos will be here and only here Vidlii looks nice, as long as you treat people nice you will get the same back.;-)

Over here I will most likely be making PSX or old game videos, thinking of uploading my tortoise videos here but other then that we'll see.
Occupation: Making the best out of the worst so I guess you could say I am an alchemist lmao
Schools: I run away from education, I never got accepted there because I am different, Learned from failure and life
Interests: Anything creative really but what I love most is writing notes of ideas and thinking deep about them
Movies: Either comedies like Louis De Funes, Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill or lately mysteries, documentaries or spiritual enhancement
Music: Every genre has something magic in it I'm strange I either like really fairytale type of music or really dark mood is the reason
Books: Lifechanging Self Help Books with an everlasting effect. Or skyrim books
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@SorteKat It sure is it's a memory from my childhood too.:-)
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Yoschi,our amazing Jay 🐦
Very cute you're doing what I do to my tortoise I let her bite my hand.:-D
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If you're here early make sure you wait for the video quality to process and thank you! Once this video is fully processed and in the HD quality it's ...
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*Full Video Description* I've been trying for PS2 games to run and perform well while trying to record them at the same time for well over 10 years n...
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ps1 (1 month ago)
No tío.
Zohan1997 (1 month ago)
Hi, excellent channel :D
MrArcadeRetroGamer64 (1 month ago)
Oh cool and nothing much on my end as well, just chilling out for the rest of the day. :)
Markhoss (1 month ago)
Hey guys I will start uploading Driver videos right after I backup all my files to install Windows 10, until then I will prepare for it, hope that's okay.:-)
MrArcadeRetroGamer64 (1 month ago)
Cool. Thanks pal. How are you today?
SorteKat (1 month ago)
My husband and I are honored for the award! : ) Wish you a wonderful New Year. It is nice that you have watched some of our videos. We really appreciate it. Have a good day. Night is beginning here. Hello from Denmark.
Markhoss (1 month ago)
Hello to everyone new in the discussion page and thank you for commenting I'll reply later today I am going to sleep now but I am happy about it starting up here yey ^_^
MrArcadeRetroGamer64 (1 month ago)
Awesome. Congratulations. I see my main channels are in your Hall Of Appreciation box, thanks for adding my channels to your box, it means a lot to me. I hope your Christmas was nice and wonderful!
SorteKat (1 month ago)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
TheVideoGamer64 (1 month ago)
That's good. I'm doing good as well. :)
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