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Hello all and welcome blablabla you're here for the real deal right? If you're not interested in my content feel free to leave.

I am gone I am back I am gone I am back (No more putting dates when I am here I'll make videos I'll live up to my word)

So then now to the Channel Description.
I first created my original channel MrSailBoat on YT in 2010 The name is a reference for Big Bertha the Tortoise my pet since I refer to her as that previous channel name. There I joined to record Driver 2 Videos from the PSX and I codenamed myself as Icecold007 (Nowadays I laugh at that name but when I was a kid I adored it and now we can all have a good laugh at it so feel free to make jokes of it I laugh at my own mistakes more then anything else)
So then why am I with this name? The reason I made Markhoss is because I felt betrayed by the community when I did so much and was so friendly for almost nothing in return. That has changed since and the relationship was rebuilt I am now way more optimystic then ever before and still talk to those dear friends even from the beginning.

Here you will see these types of Videos + Archived ones I've deleted but kept a copy of that left a feeling in my community that I am reuploading!

- CRT TV plays
- Big Bertha the Tortoise
- MrSailBoat (My oldest content)
- Special never seen before videos
- Outside Nature Videos (I haven't forgotten about that either)
- PSX~PS2 & Other Oldschool Games (Including what I started with Driver 2)
- Collected videos from the many channels I created (I now haven't changed my username since 2013 and sure as heck ain't looking back.;-)

Channel Description is always "Work In Progress"
Occupation: My top desired job is a Specialist Games Designer but I have many ambitions not all are just tech lately its helping out too
Schools: Life is a lesson in itself we were born to learn from our mistakes
Interests: Anything creative really but what I love most is writing notes of ideas and thinking clearly about them
Music: It didn't fit so you can read it here
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No offense but look where he made it I didn't used to like him either or what he did but look at him now he's helping people and doing his best to mak...
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Another thing it didn't all fit into one comment however I will most likely make relaxing music videos or even get into making some of that on my own ...
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What a beautiful video You Are So Appreciated! I really love how you're connected to nature you are making videos on this platform that matter the mos...
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What a great video bro you're sharing information about movies that you have taken the time to collect and watch and you're not just consuming it but ...
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Lightstorm91 (8 months ago)
The question is: How long do I keep doing this? 2020 is planned, what happens after that is uncertain.
Lightstorm91 (8 months ago)
Hi. Sorry you didn't get to know me. I'm basically completely off video sharing sites. I don't enjoy it anymore and I've gotten older. I started the weather project in May 2009, then I started May 2011 on YouTube (I don't know if you saw the goodbye video with the time travel of the video sharing sites where I had been) and I wanted to set myself a goal to make this project 10 years. Now I have achieved that goal, but I am now only continuing it on my website.
Naturelover (8 months ago)
Hello,thanks for your lovely Visit and sub,i subbed as well and send u a friend request.Have a nice Day 🌞
Markhoss (8 months ago)
Hey guys remember to read all my previous comments here on my channel from me for all the updates for videos.
Current update: Expect driver 1/2 videos within this 2 weeks, hopefully under I need to setup my computer install windows 10 from windows 7 I am currently using but before that backup 2TB of data on an external driver which is coming tomorrow!
MrArcadeRetroGamer64 (8 months ago)
Hey I'm sorry you're going through that. I truly hope you feel better soon. I've been doing good. Just added my latest video on my TheVideoGamer64 channel. :)
MrArcadeRetroGamer64 (8 months ago)
You're welcome and I'm doing good, but why are you feeling miserable buddy?
MrArcadeRetroGamer64 (8 months ago)
Hey how are you?
Markhoss (8 months ago)
I've bought an external hard drive to backup my previous data since windows 10 as the last os ever of that company will only ever get further updates but not more editions so in other words we're doomed... Not sure if it makes or doesn't make sense but if no well basically I am making the first D1/D2 video's a bit later then expected since the EHD hasn't been delivered to my door as planned as of yet, but as soon as it does? Right after backing up almost 2TB of data, you can expect vids here.:-)
Rebdoomakr (8 months ago)
No tío.
Zohan1997 (8 months ago)
Hi, excellent channel :D
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