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Age: 22
Hi everyone I am a retired youtuber because I don't like the theme design of the website, also there is the COPPA and so much restricting policies over there I didn't like so I just quit making videos over there but am thinking of continuing of uploading brand new videos here because vidlii looks nice.;-)

Over here I will most likely be making PSX or old game videos, thinking of uploading my tortoise videos here but other then that we'll see.
Occupation: I have a really shitty job however my dream job is a specialist game's designer
Schools: All those years I've spent in school were useless if I never went it wouldn't have made a difference to be perfectly honest
Interests: Anything creative really but what I love most is writing notes of ideas and thinking deep about them
Movies: Either comedies like Louis De Funes, Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill or lately mysteries, documentaries or spiritual enhancement
Music: It depends on my mood and emotions but basically I can't live without music I am one of those
Books: Now that's a funny one HA I don't think I ever read a book in my entire life
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Three Nintendo Switch Games That I ...
@TheVideoGamer64 Ah I see thanks for the reply so that's how it is for you.:-) I bet since you're a collector it must feel great to get these games es...
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Three Nintendo Switch Games That I ...
Hey bro I've got one simple question, how can videogame collectors afford so many to buy games so often? I mean personally I hardly get any new ones I...
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Intro ...
This video was created by Mike Matei, one of the members of Cinemassacre. Unfortunately, after a year and a half of it being on YouTube, it got taken ...
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flaggendrongo (4 days ago)
Hello and good evening,how are you.Wishing you a great Weekend ahead­čî×
SorteKat (5 days ago)
Hi There! Sorry been so long since our last visit. Hope you are enjoying your week and also have a great weekend. Greetings from Shelley and Max
TheVideoGamer64 (6 days ago)
That's good that you are doing good and it's no problem at all pal. I try to be there for my friends as possible. I care about my friends like I do my family. Any plans for your day today my friend? :)
TheVideoGamer64 (1 week ago)
Hi dude. How are you today?
Lightstorm91 (1 week ago)
After 4 years I have over 25000 views and I didn't think that so many people would look at my site, because of the design and I am proud of it :)
Lightstorm91 (1 week ago)
How did I come to my website? In February 2015 I started to learn with the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and at that time I already had the idea how it would look like. Just YouTube Classic. Through WebArchive you can see how pages used to look like and took over most of the structure to my site. On December 15, 2015 I had opened my site.
Lightstorm91 (1 week ago)
Besides ZippCast(Only false promises) it was also Wenoo. The admin of Wenoo Alisson at that time had also created the classic look. In 2014 he had his own video platform called vStream(was then renamed to vStreamers) and had been a great platform which ran until January 2015. He had little money to keep the site running. VidBit used to be around 2016, I think, and VidLii since 2017. The list of video platforms is huge. Fortunately I still have the screenshots from the goodbye video.
Lightstorm91 (1 week ago)
I'm already glad I went off YouTube back then. Watching videos when I'm bored, though. But a restart is impossible under the circumstances. I'm really appalled about these changes, about what Google is doing with YouTube. And the design looks uglier than before. Okay, let's not write about this anymore. We're already in agreement on that. I had looked at YouTube while searching for alternatives and was delighted to have that good old look again.
MrArcadeRetroGamer64 (1 week ago)
Awesome! :)
Lightstorm91 (1 week ago)
My plan is that the 2020 season will only exist on my site and also on Discord (if there are any users on the Official Thunderstorm Project server). With 2021 I can still say nothing about it. My desire and joy to the project have unfortunately decreased. I do not know whether you use Discord.
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